Toronto's Victorian homes may need renovations

Known for their old-time charm and graceful beauty, today Victorian homes may need more renovation than a casual look will show. Although built in times when tradespeople took great pride in their work, not all of these homes were built for wealthy owners, and, therefore, not all of them were constructed to high standards using high quality materials.

In many downtown Toronto locations these homes were built simply and using inexpensive materials. They were designed to house workers' families over a 100 years ago, and they feel the tooth of time, so to speak. Although many newly built homes may not last as long as these did in a decent shape, the time is coming for the Victorian homes to undergo extensive upgrades.

The most important renovations that may be necessary to preserve these beautiful homes will have to address the infrastructure. The foundations may need support and waterproofing, the floors may need to be levelled, the heating and electrical systems may need to be updated, and the plaster may need to be removed to gain access to old pipes, coroding heat vents and the knob-and-tube wiring.

There are huge differences in the quality of Victorian homes, depending on location within Toronto. The highest quality Victorian homes can be found in Rosedale and the Annex. These homes feature the typical Victorian wood trim, but also impressive plaster work and hardwood floors. The lowest quality homes of the era have few high-end features, and the trim is much planer. Their main attraction are high ceilings.

This is not to say that these old homes don't deserve the expense of a thorough restoration. If the location is attractive, they will reward your efforts providing you with an elegant dwelling of ageless beauty.

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