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Townhomes in Downtown Toronto

Townhouse in TorontoRecent real estate boom brought construction into underdeveloped areas in downtown Toronto. Many condominium townhouses were built where is wasn't feasible to construct high rise condominiums.Toronto Townhouse Condo townhomes are more affordable than freehold residences, and, although they usually sit on a very small piece of property, they provide more freedom and privacy than a condo apartment or loft.

While the lowest prices condominium townouses are small, and very often located on the lower level of a stacked townhouse complex, and part of the living space is partially below ground level, one can also find quite pricey townhomes where the lack of garden space is compensated by extremely convenient location.

Condominium TownhouseMaintenance fees are proportionally lower than for the same space in a high rise building, there usually are no pet restrictions, and you can barbecue on your own deck.

I you wish to check out currently available condominium townhouse listings in downtown Toronto, please contact us. "LISTINGS" part of our website (left menu), available to our clients who are assigned user name and given a password, contains townhouse listings.