Home sales in Swansea

Beautiful SwanseaA very popular neighbourhood, Swansea is located south of Bloor Street, between Humber River on the west and High Park on the east. Sloping down towards the lake, Swansea residents enjoy views of tall High Park trees, waters of Lake Ontario, and nature surrounding Grenadier Pond and Humber River.

Some of the homes on Ellis Gardens and lower part of Coe Hill Drive back onto the West Pond, a smaller body of water on the west side of Ellis Avenue. Select Residences on Riverside Drive and Riverside Trail back onto the Humber River. Homes on Woodland Heights, Grenadier Heights, a stretch of Ellis Park, The Palisades and Wendigo Way enjoy beautiful nature views from their high locations. Valleymede Road and Dacre Crescent are situated in green valleys, and provide country atmosphere while being within walking distance to High Park subway stop.

Fall season in SwanseaSwansea is the sole Toronto neighbourhood with its own Town Hall. Majority of Swasnea homes were built between 1905 and 1935. Most of them were small bungalows, which, as the younger families move into this popular neighbourhood, undergo renovations, and quite often have a second storey added on top.

Swansea homeA growing number of condominium buildings in the south part of Swansea include some older buildings in Southport and Ormskirk, newer complex at 20,22 and 24 Southport and a classy building at 1 Ripley Avenue. New condo building has been completed at 15 Windermere immediately south of the Queensway. There are two co-op buildings at 80 and 100 Coe Hill Drive. New, fabulous condo was recently built at the top of Ellis Park Road. Many suites in this condominium, perched above High Park, enjoy unparalleled views of ever-changing greenery and the varied shades of water in Lake Ontario.

There are more condos being built on the Queensway, as well as planned for the Southport Plaza. Condo townhomes are located on the Queensway, Windermere, and Budgell Terrace.

For statistical information for Swansea freehold sales please visit Swansea Village Property Values page of our main website.

In the last couple of years many new conds have been built and registered in Swansea, and there are some more planned for this delightful neighbourhood. All that building activity is concentrated in the south part of the area, at the bottom of Windermere and Ellis Avenue, and along The Queensway. Due to that change in the number of units being sold, any statistical information comparing condo sales in the area became meaningless. If you would like to receive such information, regardless of that fact, please contact us and we will be glad to provide it to you.

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