About Marisha's Home Town

Marisha was born in a small town of Wadowice in Poland. This location became well known world-wide as the birthplace of Karol Wojtyla, the late Pope John Paul II.

Wadowice are rich in walking areas. Here fields and valleys with a viev on surrounding hills

Her father Alexander Banachowski, a well known and well liked criminal lawyer, had to take care of his two young daughters when their mother died young. He never re-married, and was a devoted father and a great friend. His understanding and support was unwavering, and when Marisha joined a riding club Podhalanin, her dad became its vice-president. He went with Marisha to many competitions, and bravely watched her ride (and sometimes fall off, or, worse yet, with the horse).

Marisha's father Alexander on one of his excursions to Leskowiec at the age of 92Wadowice is located at the foothills of Beskidy mountains (actually, these mountains are more like hills, the highest of them, Leskowiec, just 922 m above the sea level). Marisha's father took his two small daughters to the top of Leskowiec almost every summer weekend. During the week they went for walks in the fields just outside the town, and that was where Alexander taught his two daughters to recognize crops and flowers, trees and birds. On the photograph Alexander is on his way to Leskowiec at the age of 92.

After finishing high school Marisha continued her education in Krakow, where she finished university as an engineer surveyor. Krakow is a beautiful city, left undamaged by the war. Marisha often visits her native Poland, and always spends some time in Krakow and Wadowice. The handsome building on this website's banner is Marisha's family home.

When Marisha settled in Canada, she sponsored her dad, who lived with her the rest of his life. He visited Poland every summer, and stayed active for many years.

In the Polish hills