Home sales in Roncesvalles Village

Roncesvalles Village, a part of the area generally known as Parkdale, is an area defined by Queen Street in the south, Macdonell Avenue and CN train tracks in the east, Bloor Street in the north, and Roncesvalles Avenue in the west.

Originally predominantly British, Roncesvalles Village acquired its Polish flavour in the 1980s, when large number of Polish immigrants settled in the area and opened many stores and restaurants there. During the last real estate boom in the late 1980s, High Park real estate prices became prohibitive for first time buyers, and many young families moved into the Village. They found there pleasant and family-oriented neighbourhood, great shopping on Roncesvalles Avenue, many cafes and restaurants, easy commute downtown, and short distance to one of the most popular Toronto parks.

Roncesvalles Village homes and lofts are very popular with Toronto home buyers.

In 2003 a plan for improvement of the Roncesvalles Avenue was developed in consultations with local businesses, residents, and other people interested in the betterment of this interesting neighbourhood. Since then, many positive changes occurred, both in the appearence of the street, and in the quality of local shops, cafes and restaurants.

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