Considering A Move To Canada?
Toronto May Be The Answer To Your Investment Dreams

Visitors and residents alike find Toronto to be an ideal city to vacation and reside. Long deemed the most racially and culturally diverse city by the United Nations, Toronto is a rich tapestry of the finest that the world has to offer. Our patchwork of neighbourhoods offers up both the traditional and the contemporary in lifestyles and lodgings. Whether you are an urban culture vulture looking for the latest in theatres, galleries, museums and shopping or perhaps one who longs for the tranquility of large park-like settings - Toronto delivers your wants and needs.

Toronto panorama and Lake Ontario as seen from Casa Loma

Realtors and lenders recognize your desire to own property in Canada's largest city and have established the opportunity to invest in your future lifestyle or portfolio.

When considering the option to purchase an investment property in Toronto, please factor in some of the requirements called for by the financial institutions available to lend to 'foreign investors':

Firstly, lenders will finance your purchase with a mortgage up to 70% loan-to-value. If the home price were, for example, $300,000 - the financial institution would lend $210,000.*

*Note: For some situations, lenders may allow for the loan-to-value to go to 75% of an owner-occupied property with full disclosure and verification of all documentation. This would apply to a purchaser who may want to buy a home to use for their visits to Toronto. It may not be rented out nor have an income. In this case where the down payment would only be 25%, the client would have to provide more information such as employment and income confirmation along with details of their assets and liabilities to establish the ability to carry the expense of the property.

By utilizing the services of a licensed mortgage specialist you not only save time but will have your details handled by a professional who has an established a lender relationship to make the process run smoothly.