Toronto Real Estate Home Buyers' Services

Public MLS accessMultiple Listing Services (MLS) is a computer database that contains all properties that are listed for sale by member brokers. That database can be searched using various criteria. Once uploaded to the local MLS system, the listings are transferred to the site, and available for viewing by general public.

The listings are a short version of the detailed listings available for the members of the real estate boards. They may, or may not show the property address, and show only a portion of the information that is available on the actual MLS listing. There is some confusion arising from the website's name. It is not the system that REALTORS use to search for properties.

Searching for listings on is simple. Above is a link that will take you to the website. If you would like to receive more detailed information about one or more of the listings, just record the MLS-number(s) and give us a call or use the MLS Request Form.

It is important to remember that the REALTOR whose contact is shown on the listing is representing the seller, and has to act in the seller's best interest. A home purchase is usually the biggest purchase one ever makes. It is important that your interests are well protected in the transaction. If you want your interests to be represented in a professional manner, you should consider hiring a REALTOR to represent you. There is no cost in having your own REALTOR working for you.

You should also know that it takes some time to transfer all newly listed properties to the website. We know about new listings the same day that they are uploaded onto the TREB MLS system. By the time you can find them on some of the best properties might be already sold. If you would like to be instantly notified of new listings that meet your criteria, you can fill in the Buyer Profile form, and we will set-up a search for you that will immediately notify you as soon as a property meeting your criteria gets uploaded onto the system. Again, there is no cost involved.