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Before we can help you with your house-hunting, it is very important that we know as many details about your plans, your needs and likes, as possible. The questionnaire below covers many aspects of looking for a home. Please fill it out, and submit to us.

Of course, it is up to you to decide how much detail you want to give us. The space is there, but by no means you have to fill up every single spot! The more we know, of course, the better our search criteria. We will call you back if we have any additional questions.

If you'd prefer to speak to us personally before filling out the form, don't hesitate to call.

We will use this detailed questionnaire as a complete guide to your home-buying needs, in preparing the home search and finding you a new home.

Please bear in mind that if you are working with another Realtor under Buyer Agency Agreement, we will not be able to help you while that Agreement is in place.

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Basic Features


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How much? 

Are you prepared to renovate?   yes  no

List things you would do:

Please rank the home-buying criteria in order of importance to you, from 1 to 6:

Access to public transit: Parking:
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Good area for schools: Proximity to shopping:
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Your Ultimate Scenario: Picture yourself living there!

What do you like about your present residence?

What would you change about your present residence?

Any hobbies /interests /lifestyle factors that will influence your decision?

What are your plans for your next home?

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