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Grenadier Pond is one of Swansea attractionsOne of the last two independent villages to be annexed by Toronto, Swansea is beautifully located between High Park and Humber River, and is the only Toronto neighbourhood with its own Town Hall. Interesting topography, abundance of trees, ponds and river with their wildlife, proximity to the lake and fantastic Bloor West Village shopping, great schools, as well as easy access downtown - whether by streetcar, subway or car, all that makes Swansea a desirable neighbourhood and its homes popular with buyers.

Most Swansea houses enjoy peaceful garden viewsSwansea freehold residences vary from small semi-detached homes and detached bungalows in the central part of the area to sophisticated two and three-storey residences in the east by the Grenadier Pond and in the west, on Riverside and Brule. Many of the smaller homes have been recently renovated and second-storey additions are popular. Majority of Swansea's condominium buildings are located in the south part on Southport, Ripley and Ormskirk. The older buildings on Ormskirk and at 45, 60 and 65 Southport are spacious and affordable. They don't have central air conditioning, but have balconies. 20, 22 and 24 Southport are newer and more modern, air conditioned, but instead of balconies have solariums. These condos are also affordable. Excellent recreational facilities are shared, and the maintenance fees vary from the low of approximately 48 cents per square foot in 22, through just above 60 cents in 20, up to approximately 66 cents in 24.

Humber River is visible from luxury residences on Riverside DriveSouthampton condo at 1 Ripley Avenue is very classy. With maintenance fees of approximately 50 cents per square foot and covering all utilities (but no cable) it features excellent facilities with an indoor pool, and fireplaces in the suites. Two co-ownership buildings at 80 and 100 Coe Hill offer affordable living and spacious units, but are somewhat difficult to finance. And, of course, there are new condos and townhomes being built on The Queensway by Windermere, and a hope for new development in the sadly abandoned Swansea Plaza.

Swansea Plaza is a story in itself. Three years ago Georgian Homes planned a re-development of the Swansea Plaza at the bottom of Southport. At that point in time the plaza housed a large grocery store, a large pharmacy, and several smaller stores. It was a convenient shopping place for the residents of the neighbouring buildings. But, with the new development in the works, majority of tenants moved out. Then the development was abandoned, and the plaza stood abandoned and almost-empty for the last couple of years.

Finally, there is some movement there and some hope. Georgian Homes have again put the Swansea Plaza on the drawing board, and are planning to build on this site two commercial single-storey buildings that will house stores and boutiques to service the neighbourhood, and, at the west end of the plaza, a residential 18-storey condominium building. Here is a hope that this sad, desolate place will once more become worth its fine location.

Swansea has some beautiful bungalowsSouth part of Swansea neighbourhood houses some commercial outlets, some of them in the Swansea Plaza, and some of them on Ripley Avenue. The most notable of these is The Cheese Boutique, at 45 Ripley Avenue. This is probably Toronto's best (and most excentric) gourmet shop. This fantastic shop is housed in a former sausage factory, and not easily stumbled upon. It is impossible to describe, and even more so to replicate its atmosphere.

Cheese represents probably some 40 percent of the inventory. The Cheese Boutique sells an incredibly wide range of highest quality gourmet groceries, and, despite the unconventional location and up-scale choices (and prices), enjoys steady popularity, with some customers driving here from as far away as the Niagara region. How lucky for the residents of Swansea!

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Excellent shopping, dining, and a variety of businesses are close by on Bloor in the Bloor West Village. Following is a list of businesses located south of Bloor in the Swansea neighbourhood:

Eurocraft Restoration, at 8 Ripley Avenue, is a place where you can have your antique or modern furniture re-finished. Tel. 416.762.6919 Factory Outlet, , at 25 Ripley Avenue, sells cigars, pipes and untensils, ad well as health care and environmentally friendly products. You can find here stain remover, bug and tar remover, flea and tick monthly treatments for dogs, paintbrush cleaners, veggie wash, as well as sports and injury prevention items and foot care products.
Communicare, at 35 Ripley Avenue, is a Canadian consulting company serving Canadian business. Their provide consulting and training services to improve communication skills, increase productivity and build customer loyalty. Tel. 416.769.0846 The Cheese Boutique entranceThe Cheese Boutique, at 45 Ripley Avenue, is an outstanding gourmet shop with an enormous variety of cheeses, cold cuts, choice breads, a variety of teas and coffee, chocolate and condiments, fruits and preserves, all in a two-storey, 11,000 square feet locale. Tel. 416.762.6292
Swansea Town Hall, at 95 Lavinia Avenue, houses community centre, dental clinic and a library. Tel. 416.392.1954 Recreation Centre, at 15 Waller Avenue, Swansea Community Recreation Centre, a part of Swansea Public School, has an indoor pool. Rennie Park has four tennis courts, skating rink and a wading pool. Tel. 416.392.6796
Humberside Montessori School, at 121 Kennedy Avenue, offers classes for children from 2.5 to 12 years of age. Tel. 416.762.8888   

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