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Roncesvalles AvenueRoncesvalles Village is located in the south-west part of Toronto. It can be defined as an area between Roncesvalles, Macdonell, Queen and Dundas. Once part of one of Toronto's wealthiest districts, it has mature, treed streets, good quality housing stock with numerous Victorian and Edwardian homes, good schools, vibrant shopping district, easy access to public transportation and the highway, and is only a short walk from High Park.

Roncesvalles AvenueThis wonderful area is very popular with buyers, especially young professionals, who are looking for interesting, people-friendly neighbourhood with an easy access to downtown. What was once mainly ethnic shopping district on Roncesvalles, recently became gentrified, and offers a whole array of boutiques, cafés, restaurants, bakeries and gift shops. Many area homes underwent classy renovations within the last few years.

To get an idea of what Roncesvalles Vilage has to offer, please glance at this list of some more interesting places on Roncesvalles Avenue, south of Howard Park:

Naturalis, at 53 Roncesvalles, open daily, sells Montreal bagels, but also offers a wide variety of croissants, danishes, cakes and fresh made-to-order sandwiches. The Film Buff, at 73 Roncesvalles, is a cafe-video store. You can have a nice coffe and dessert while pondering your next movie choice. Tel. 416.534.7078
Cherry Bomb Coffee, at 79 Roncesvalles, serves excellent coffee and in-house baked goodies. Highly recommended are mixed berry muffins, and it all comes with great, friendly service. ArcaneArcane Metal & Stone, at 87 Roncesvalles, is lead by Joan Hamilton, a goldsmith who designs and creates custom jewellery sold through stores and her studio in Toronto.
Tinto Coffee HouseTinto Coffee House, at 89 Roncesvalles, is a hip loft space offering fair trade and organic coffe. Mezzanine is a great spot to work over a 'cuppa' - the café has a free wireless internet connection. Thin Blue LineThin Blue Line, at 93 Roncesvalles, is a cheese boutique, selling Canadian artisan cheeses. Tel. 416.840.6966

Frock, at 97 Roncesvalles, on a corner of Pearson, is a boutique fashion store.
Hawk EyesHawk Eyes, at 103 Roncesvalles, antique shop selling interesting collection of fines and furnishings.
My Dog's DaycareMy Dog's Daycare & Boutique, at 111 Roncesvalles, provides dog daycare, walking, grooming, training, lectures and unique merchandise. Tel. 416.533.7997 Wine Cave Inc.Wine Cave Inc., at 117 Roncesvalles, with wine cellars, racks, cooling units and wine accessories. Tel. 416.516.6411
Mrs. HuizengaMrs. Huizenga, at 121 Roncesvalles, an eclectic, alternative retail shop offering a broad spectrum of hip previously loved goods for resale. Tel. 416.533.2112 Super Kolbasa, at 131 Roncesvalles, Butcher shop, bakery, cheese and deli, with a large variety of ready-to-serve, freshly prepared dishes, mostly Polish style.
Benna's Bakery and Deli, at 135 Roncesvalles, excellent bread freshly baked on premises, as well as a variety of pastries and a large choice of cold meets and cheeses. Tel. 416.534.0031 Polimex, at 141 Roncesvalles, travel agency, parcels to Poland, as well as a very well supplied Polish bookstore in lower level. Tel. 416.537.0000
K Fruit Market, at 143 Roncesvalles, check out the selection of organic fruits and vegetables. Tel. 416.588.9587 Roncesvalles Fruit Village, at 147 Roncesvalles, is another very well supplied fruit and vegetable store. Tel. 416.538.3470
Solarski PharmacySolarski Pharmacy, at 149 Roncesvalles, a small neighbourhood pharmacy and a Canada Post outlet. Tel. 416.536.5452 Evergreen Natural Foods, at 161 Roncesvalles, offers organic foods, fresh tofu, milk and cheeses, food supplements, vitamins, health products, and a large selection of teas - both cafeinated and herbal. Tel. 416.534.2684
Buddha DogBuddha Dog, at 163 Roncesvalles, serves mini hotdogs with a selection of specialty sauces, such as garlic aioli, sweet red pepper jelly, ginger maple Dijon, cherry ketchup, peach-mango wasabi, Thai curry with lemon grass and Indian butter. The aged beef wieners are produced by a local Ontario butcher in Wellington. Tel. 416.534.2007 Granowska's BakeryGranowska's Bakery, at 175 Roncesvalles, once a most popular destination spot for Poles with a sweet tooth. This is a bakery with a small deli section and 6 small tables where you can relax and enjoy excellent European style pastries. Tel. 416.533.7755
Royal Bank, at 179 Roncesvalles, moved here from the corner of Roncesvalles and Fermanagh. Tel. 416.537.5232 Scooter GirlScooter Girl, at 187 Roncesvalles, offers an eclectic selection of toys for girls and boys. The business is 100% neighbourhood owned, and everyone who works there lives in Roncesvalles Village. Tel. 416.534.2211
Café PolonezCafé Polonez, at 195 Roncesvalles, this Polish diner offers up Eastern European meals at reasonable prices. Items on the menu include goulash, beef tripe, sautéed mushrooms on Polonez schnitzel, coleslaw, sauerkraut, shredded beet and Hunter’s stew. Tel. 416.532.8432 Sobeys, at 199 Roncesvalles, a large well-stocked grocery store carrying organic foods.
CIBC, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, at 209 Roncesvalles, on the corner of Roncesvalles and Wright. Tel. 416.533.1126 West Side CycleWest Side Cycle, at 213 Roncesvalles, sells quality bikes, accessories, and provides hands-on service and education for recreational cyclists, tune-up and repairs. Tel. 416.531.4648
Qi Natural Food, at 219 Roncesvalles, selling wide variety of natural and organic specialty products including: teas, breads, frozen foods, bulk foods, dry culinary and medicinal herbs, pastas, fresh produce, dairy, meats, snacks, cosmetics. Tel. 416.537.1428 Lit Expresso BarLit Expresso Bar, at 221 Roncesvalles. The Lit menu features cafe regulars, including espresso, Americano, cappuccino, caffe latte, macchiato, drip and hot chocolate. Regular and premium loose leaf teas are available, as are juices and water, including the typically Italian Orangina and Brio. Tel. 416.538.9700
The Friendly ThaiThe Friendly Thai, at 223 Roncesvalles, one of the handful of outposts belonging to the popular local restaurant chain, serves up tasty Thai food in a contemporary ambiance. Tel. 416.535.0111 Public LibraryPublic Library, at 228 Roncesvalles, has a large selection of books, with a section of Polish literature, and offers adult and children programs. Tel. 416.393.7671
Thai Chef Cuisine, at 233 Roncesvalles, offers a genuine taste of Thai, created by chefs Tango and Chai. Tel. 416.915.0095 Queen of TartsQueen of Tarts, at 283 Roncesvalles, makes a variety of individual-size tarts, and family-size tarts and cakes. All the classics, plus some interesting creations. Tel. 416.651.3009
Anna & Maria Gift StudioAnna & Maria Gift Studio, at 287 Roncesvalles, an excellent choice of gifts from many countries, interesting pottery and glass, and jewellry. Tel. 416.538.3833 Kennel Cafe, at 295 Roncesvalles, offers premium dog and cat foods, treats, toys and accessories, as well as 'cook for your dog' seminars. Tel. 416.531.3177
Soap ScopeSoap Scope, at 297 Roncesvalles, offers a great selection of hand-made soaps in beautiful shapes and colours, and other beauty products. Tel. 416.588.8621 Timothy's World Coffee, at 327 Roncesvalles, on the corner of Grenadier, serves high-quality Arabica coffe, rosted in their Toronto plant and served within 20 days. Tel. 416.588.3715
Fat Cat Wine BarFat Cat Wine Bar, at 331 Roncesvalles. A cult favourite, opened in this location in September. Their food is inspired by French, Portuguese, and Spanish cuisine, and there is an extensive wine list. Tel. 416.535.4064 Alternative GroundsAlternative Grounds Café, at 333 Roncesvalles, offers 15 kinds of home-roasted fair trade and organic coffee at an excellent price. Interesting decor and back patio-garden. Tel. 416.534.6335
Pollock's Home Hardware, located from 341 to 349 Roncesvalles, is a very large store with a wide inventory. Tel. 413.535.1169
Pollock's Carpet Market occupies the north part of the store. Tel. 416.535.1160
The Old Country Gift Shop, at 355 Roncesvalles, sells gifts and kitchen utensils. Tel. 416.535.7641
The Cobbler ShopThe Cobbler Shop, at 367 Roncesvalles, provides shoe repair, and sells Birkenstock and Mephisto shoes. Tel. 416.533.7384 The Butler's Pantry, at 371 Roncesvalles, is a small restaurant with a comfortable well-worn ambience, serving international dishes, and no alcohol. Tel. 416.537.7750
Second CupSecond Cup, at 385 Roncesvalles, on the corner of Neepawa, offers the usual coffee selection, juices and sweets, in a pleasant atmosphere. Tel. 416.533.2535 High Park Wallpaper and Paint, at 386 Roncesvalles, sells the usual assortment of paint and wallpaper, as well as decorative tin and Mirroflex panels for backsplash and ceilings. Tel. 416.532.6400
MorningstarMorningstar, at 388 Roncesvalles, sells furniture, decorative articles, pillows, clothing and jewellry from India. Tel. 416.537.0771 Bead JunctionBead Junction, at 389 Roncesvalles, offers a large selection of beads and beading materials. Tel. 416.533.8555
Silver Spoon, at 390 Roncesvalles - a charming restaurant in the charming neighbourhood, Silver Spoon is the best on the block and more accomplished than restaurants in far trendier parts of Toronto. Tel. 416.516.8112 The LocalThe Local, at 396 Roncesvalles, easily the funkiest pub on the Roncesvalles strip, serving vegetarian and home style food, very reasonably priced. Tel. 416.535.6225
Revue Cinema, at 400 Roncesvalles, one of the Festival cinemas. Membership is available at the box office at $6 for a year, children and seniors don't need membership. Tel. 416.690.2600 Mr. Furniture ConnectionMr. Furniture Connection, at 411 Roncesvalles, provides complete line of furniture services from restoration, refinishing and reupholstery to custom building. Tel. 416.537.0265

Other than on busy Roncesvalles Avenue some really nice places can be found on Sorauren. The first trendy place that appeared here was the neighbourhood café Mitzi's, on the corner of Pearson, where neighbourhood mothers often gather to spend time with friends while their children play together. Following is the list of places well worth your attention:

Mitzi's CaféMitzi's Café and Gallery, at 100 Sorauren, is a friendly local place, with an odd collection of furniture, nice food, and art display on the walls. Tel. 416.588.1234 Impact PhotographyImpact Photography, at 138 Sorauren, a photography studio providing corporate, editorial, wedding, portrait and family photos shot in the studio or on location. Tel. 416.516.6676
Little Art BoxLittle Art Box, at 218 Sorauren, an art store and children's art studio, offers workshops and art camps for children. Tel. 416.530.5700 ChocolattéChocolatté, at 221 Sorauren, offers a great selection of exquisite chocolates, fine cheeses, preserves and other gourmet foods. Tel. 416.516.5263

Roncesvalles Village Schools

Fern Avenue Junior and Senior Public School
128 Fern Avenue, Toronto, M6R 1K3, tel. 416.393.9130
Principal: Craig Tsuji
Junior Kindergarten to grade 8, this school also offers the following extra-curricular activities:

Garden Avenue Junior Public School
225 Garden Avenue, Toronto, M6R 1H9, tel. 416.393.9165
Principal: Margaret McIntosh
Junior Kindergarten to grade 6, this school also offers the following activities:

Howard Junior Public School
30 Marmaduke Street, Toronto, M6R 1T2, tel. 416.393.9255
Principal: Michelle Bartalos
Junior Kindergarten to grade 6, and early French Immersion from Senior Kindergarten to Grade 6, this school also offers the following activities:

St. Vincent de Paul Separate School
116 Fermanagh Avenue, Toronto, M6R 1M2, tel. 416.393.5227
Principal: Krystyna Schneider

Parkdale Junior and Senior School
78 Seaforth Avenue, Toronto, M6K 3L2, tel. 416.393.1280
Principal: Ernie Boulton

West Toronto Collegiate Institute
330 Lansdowne Avenue, Toronto, M6H 3Y1, tel. 416.393.1500
Principal: Michael Poirier
Grade 9 to Grade 12 school, offers English, math, science, social science, arts, business and technology, and athletics programs, in a semestered curriculum. Special features include:

Parkdale Collegiate Institute
209 Jameson Avenue, Toronto, M6K 2Y3, tel. 416.393.9000
Principal: David Freedman
Grade 9 to 12 school, it owns four computer labs with Internet access and two state-of-the-art science labs. Three new programs are: PreBaccalaureate Program, leading to the International Diploma (IB) Programme, which will start in the fall of 2007; Horticulture / Landscaping Program, housed in a new 1000 sq. ft. greenhouse; and the Steps to College (affiliated with Seneca College) and Steps to University (affiliated with University of Toronto) programs. School's special features include:

Bishop Marrocco / Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary School
1515 Bloor Street West, Toronto, M6P 1B1, tel. 416.393.5545
Principal: Maria Pereira
Grade 9 to 12 separate school. A full academic program is offered at the three levels of difficulty. In addition, a gifted program and a program for multiple handicapped and developmentally delayed students are available.

Ecole Elementaire Pierre-Elliott Trudeau
65 Grace Street, Toronto, M6J 2S4, tel. 416.397.2097
Principal: Michell Laverdière
This is elementary French-language school, established in 2000.

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